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Air Attack/Air Tankers/SEAT/Fire Boss

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Originally Posted by JohnBurke View Post
Carding minimum are 135 minimums, plus mountain experience. As noted above, competitive or market minimums may not be the same, but to get carded by the office of aircraft services/management, it amounts to 135 IfR minimums.

Bighorn was also recently looking for an Air Tractor pilot, but for spraying, as they don't do SEAT work.
Does having an OAS card from a different type of gov contract flying help?
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No, it doesnt unless you came from another aerial firefighting gig with IA endorsements and the like.
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While there are no initial attack requirements nor qualifications for smoke jumper pilots, carding for smoke jumping is a separate qualification and a pilot must meet the flight time, training, and experience requirements, and time in type, to obtain an OAS/OAM card.

Prior fire experience is helpful for understanding the fire environment, fire communications, the fire traffic area, etc.

Having a prior OAS/OAM card from an unrelated field doesn't necessarily make one more marketable, however, as it has nothing to do with firefighting.

If one is coming from another area of fire, such as air attack or tankers, then moving to a smoke jumper position will pay less, so having an initial attack (IA) qualification over fires wouldn't necessarily be a qualification one would seek before moving to flying jumpers. If one is qualified for initial attack, one would most likely be flying a tanker.

Getting carded for jumpers isn't difficult; one must be qualified, and the card is a checkride with a checked box on the back of the card and a notation. Any pilot who meets the qualifications, undergoes the training, and meets the standard will get carded, so coming from an unrelated field with an existing card isn't necessarily a benefit. It certainly doesn't hurt to mention, however, and if you're coming from a background in which you're familiar with working under a contract, it may be good experience all the same. Time in type would be more useful, however, as would be experience with jumpers, and of course time over fires. Useful, but not necessary.
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Default 2022 openings



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Default Erickson 2022

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Airborne Flying Service (Hot Springs, AR) was looking for an air attack pilot in a Cessna 340. They do ambulance work, etc. Air Ambulance | 1-855-227-3359 | Medical Flight Transport Services

Dynamic Aviation, also looking for air attack pilots: https://us61e2.dayforcehcm.com/Candi...ting/View/2557

Aero Air maintains a job announcement for MD-87 captains and first officers: https://aeroair.applicantpro.com/jobs/1312325.html

Aeroflite is advertising an RJ85 captain position. https://us61e2.dayforcehcm.com/Candi...sting/View/175
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The information John Burke and a few others have posted since the start of this thread many years ago is still valid. It helped me.

Just FYI, some contract companies have been implementing different schedules to help QOL. This varies wildly from company to company, with the typical 12 on 2 off still the norm at most contractors.

Have seen: 3 weeks on/off, 12 days on/off, 11 on 3 off. Ymmv.

Getting in the business and getting experience is what it takes. There are no short cuts. Does it help to know people? Of course, but you get to know people while you are gaining experience in fire. You get to show people whether your dedicated to the mission or just hanging out until something else comes along. It shows.

Also, the forest service has a 40%+ pilot raise going through approval process. So, if you were once interested in a government position, maybe look again as they are trying to get more competitive.

Starting season 3 in fire. The opportunities are there, most of the companies are mentioned in this thread.
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Big Horn Airways in Sheridan, Wyoming is hiring for smoke jumper pilots again this year, in both the Dornier 228, and the Casa 212. They also have off-season freight work available during the Christmas peak.


They are also hiring a charter pilot for the King Air and Citation, as well as ag pilots for the Air Tractors and the Jet Ranger.

First Officer positions are also available, 90-120 day contracts, 12 days on/2 off (typical fire season).
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Default NorCal Aero

NorCal Aero is adding a third 690, offering min guarantee $9k/mo for 6 mos. $650/day plus $20/fly hr. Bases Stead, Truckee, Auburn. If you have part 135 IFR mins and twin turbine experience, get hold of Eric Mueller: ericmueller2016 at g mail
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Default Air Attack Position 2022

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