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Old 08-01-2007, 10:18 AM   #1  
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Default Career after testicular cancer?

Ok testicular cancer used to be (and as far as I know still is) the most common malignancy in middle aged men ages 18-35, this is prime entry age for people looking at a career aloft. Testicular cancer since the developement of new chemotherapeutic agents and hyperthermic treatments has been associated with extremely high cure rates, and most go on to lead extremely successful cancer free lives, and this effect of high functioning individuals who beat the cancer is known as the "Lance Armstrong Effect" obviously after Tour-de-france winner Armstrong. Even advanced level cancers are associated with excellent prognosis (Armstrong himself had mets, to the liver, lungs and brain) My question is this, would it still be possible to pursue the aviation career if one was afflicted with testicular cancer and went through nessacary treatments? Ever heard of cases where testicular cancer was involved.

I fall right smack into the age demographic and it is something that resides in the back of my mind.
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If you don't have testicular cancer, stop worrying about it and get on with your life.

Many cancer patients can regain a first class medical if they are not impaired and are in full remission (I have a good buddy in this situation who is an active airline pilot)). Obviously this is something that would have to be addressed in detail by the appropriate doctors and AME's.
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My good friend had one. All is well now and he flies 767's at Delta. I think he was out for about 7-8 month for the treatment.

All depends on the details of the case though.
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