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Default Will having mild asthma ruin my dream?

I am a sophomore in high school and I have 54 hours logged so far with my PP. I love flying, I wan't to peruse a career as an airline pilot in the future. To my understand I need to pass the FAA Medical Exam (First Class). I have mild asthma, and my doctor says I am growing out of it. I have never been hospitalized for it, nor am I on steroid medication. The only thing that has triggered my minor asthma is being around dogs and cats. In terms of my physical health with asthma... I am on the road to become a division one collegiate soccer player, and it does not affect me out on the field at all. Are there pilots with asthma, can I be one of them?
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N1CE....some things are better left unsaid. You are part of a generation that feels that every thought must be put on face book for the world to see (or this web site). Not saying that`s you, but if you want an aviation career, then (1) stay away from dogs and cats, and (2)get yourself a first class physical, just to see if you can pass one, and (3) keep your own council about your breathing problems. I spent 30 years flying for a major airline while receiving shots for the same thing that seems to be bothering you.
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report apply and go for your aviation career!
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I have sports induced and mild hay fever related asthma. I take albuterol as needed and advair during the fall. When I got my student pilot cert the AME said that the FAA may want more information, I never heard a thing. On my medical paperwork now I just list it as "Previously Reported" and haven't had any issues, but I have been going to an AME that is very proactive if there are any issues. He retired this year so I have to find another good one. A good AME is worth a drive if they make your life easier.

Just find a good AME that will work with you without charging extra if the FAA wants info. Check out He had some good information and has a list of the best AMEs. I'm typing this on my iphone and I am sorry for any mistakes or if it doesn't make sense.
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