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Old 06-28-2007, 09:52 PM   #11  
Swearing at the FMA
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Changes to what I orginally posted about Great Lakes:

401(k): 100% of the first 4% you contribute is matched.

Junior manning:
Paid a minimum of four hours credit for each duty period for which you are junior manned.
May not be junior manned for more than two days off in a month.
Trip extensions under four hours of duty do not count as a junior man.

Part 135 flight/duty time limitations for all pilots, not just Beech pilots.
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Any info. on ASA ans PSA? That would be helpful as well! Great Post!!
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This thread should have a sticky.
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Gets Weekends Off
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Default Psa

Originally Posted by Florida Flyer View Post
Hey there O2...I can't speak for Pinnacle or Mesa since I've never worked there, but I can speak for PSA. When it comes to chosing an airline, there are many pros and cons that you must evaluate, many of which are highly dependent on your individual circumstances. For instance, the PSA contract guarantees a minimum of 10 days off a month, compared to Mesa's 8. If you're already living in a Mesa base, perhaps having 8 days off is better than having 10 days off if you intend to commute to a PSA base (which can drastically cut into your days off). I'll list as many pertinent facts about the PSA contract and training as I can recall, but remember, only you can accurately weigh the pros and cons as they apply to your circumstances. (i.e. the airline that's perfect for person A may be an absolute misery for person B).

1) During training at PSA, you single occupancy hotle room is paid for by the company. (I believe Pinnacle pays for dual occupancy--i.e. you get a roomate).

2) Training pay is 72 hrs per month (the minimum reserve guarantee) PLUS per diem 24/7 while you are in training.

3) PSA has no training contract (i.e. they do not require you to repay your training expenses to the company should you leave before completing 1 year of service.) This is an important note because Mesa does have a training contract--should you get sick of Mesa and leave after 6 months, you'll likely be sent a bill for thousands of dollars to cover your training expenses. Definitely not a good thing.

4) The training dept. at PSA is VERY professional and competent. In my class, we had a 95% pass rate, and for the two classes before me, we had a 95% and 100% pass rate. The instructors are top notch and definitely willing to help you if you're willing to help yourself. Also, only two months elapsed from my first day of ground school to my first day of IOE--a respectably efficient timeframe.

5) PSA is hiring alot right now- now is a great time to come here, as your seniority will grow fast.

6) As of now, all new hires are getting assigned either DAY or TYS out of training. CLT is a senior base and will take at least 6 months to hold. If you intend to commute, CLT is a good base bc of the later show times for trips originating in CLT (i.e. some trips are commutable on at least one end, sometimes both ends, out of CLT.) DAY has a lot of early shows and is less suitable for commuting. However, I strongly suggest living in base, as reserve is so much more pleasant sitting at home as opposed to a hotel or crash pad.

7) Speaking of reserve, expect it for the first 3-5 months, after which you'll likely be able to hold a line. Reserve here isn't so bad if you live in base. At DAY and CLT, you have an hour and a half call out, and in TYS, a one hour call out. Another good reason to live in base is that your reserve window is not assigned until the day before. (i.e. If you're scheduled to be on reserve on the 15th, you have to call scheduling on the 14th to find the reserve window for the next day). This makes it extremely difficult to commute to reserve, as you don't know your window to the day prior. (This is definitely a con!)

8) Should you choose to commute (I'd not reccomend it for the first year), we do have a commuter policy. Basically, you have to list yourself on two flights that would get you to domicile before your show time. Should you be unable to get to base in time, you'll be excused if you followed the above requirement. The downside is that if you don't get to work on time, scheduling will likely assign a reservist your trip and make you take the place of the reservist....i.e. you'll get to sit reserve while someone else flies your trip for 4 days.

9) The contract guarantees us a minimum of 10 days off, and there must be 2 groups of 3 consecutive days off.

10) You can pick up open time on your days off. If you do, you'll get paid 1.5 times your hourly rate for a minimum of 4 hours. (SO...if you pick up a quick out and back that is blocked for 2 hrs, they'll still pay you 4 hours at 1.5 hourly rate...not a bad deal!)

11) Unfortunately, if nobody covers the open time and they run out of reserves, they can Junior man you. This means that if they call you and if you answer the phone, they can contractually compel you to cover the flight, even on your day off. IF you get junior manned, the contract stipulates that you get paid 1.5 your hourly rate for a minimum of 4 hours (same deal as above for picking up open time). But, the good news is that the contract also says that scheduling must "give you back" your off day that they made you work on. They must give it back to you in the month they "stole" it from you or the next mont immediately following. You can be JM'ed no more than 3 times per month or 10 times per year, per our contract. To be honest, JM is relatively rare around here. I'd doubt they'd call you more than once or twice a year, and remember, just don't answer your phone on your days off. That'll avoid you getting JM'd alot of the time.

12) Once you do become a line holder, expect the avg. line to be worth 85 hrs of credit time. (Note: Reserve guarantee is 72 hrs, Line Holder's guarantee is 75 hrs)

Overall, I've been very happy here at PSA. I live in base and am home with my family alot. But only you can weigh the plusses and minuses of a career at XYZ airline, as only you know what suits your life circumstances the best. If there is any other contract info or any other questions you have about training, bases, or life in general at PSA, please feel free to private message me or post your questions here. I was in your same position not so long ago, so I know what it's like to be investigating a variety of airlines. I wish you best in your search for a job, and good luck!

Florida Flyer
Let's keep this tread alive.

If you don't see your airlines on here, PLEASE take the time and post a reply using one of the above formats (keep things constant). Newbie's and those looking to make a lateral move need to know this information in order to make an educated decision that will affect the rest of their lives.

Let's continue to help each other.

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NetJets pays OK
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15 day flex
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7 on 7 off
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Originally Posted by JetJock16 View Post
Current Payscales:

Contract through 11/30/2010Rates increase by 3% per year each 12/1/xx

Future planned Upgrades:
December: 64
January: 64
February: 32

Monthly guarantee: 75 hours
Reserve guarantee: 75 hours
Charter Guarantee: 90 hours
Instructor Guarantee: 90 hours

Ground Instructor pays: applicable pay plus $12/hour override.
Aircraft/Simulator Instructor pays: applicable pay plus $15/hour override.
Check Airman pays: applicable pay plus $18/hour override.
Aircrew Program Designee pays: applicable pay plus $21/hour override.
Minimum 5 hours per training event at override rate.

Charter pays: applicable pay plus $18/hour override.
Minimum 5.5 hours per day at override rate.

Per Diem Rate: $1.70
(increases by $0.05 yearly each 12/1)

SCHEDULING:Regular lines: Min 12 days off per bid period
Reserve: Min 11 days off per 30 day bid period
Min 12 days off per 31 day bid period
Charter: Min 14 days off per bid period
Instructor: Min 12 days off per month

No PBS - Pilot Committee builds trips and lines.
Scheduled or rescheduled duty day will not exceed 13.5 hours or
11.5 hours for duty that begins between 2101LT to 0429LT (except for stand up trips).
Stand up trips not scheduled to exceed 14 hours, no layovers of less than 6 hours, and a maximum of 3 segments preceding the layover, and a maximum of 1 segment following the layover. These trips will not be built into lines; they will only be put in open time.
Maximum of six legs per duty day.
Regular lines will not average more than 88 block hours and no lines are built with more than 95 hours.
At least 2 days free from all duty will be scheduled between trips that operate between 0100 LT and 0400 LT and trips that do not operate between this period.
Trips will only be constructed with one to four day trips.
Lines will be constructed to provide at least 2 days off at the pilot’s domicile during any 7 consecutive day period.
A trip that operates between 0100 LT and 0400 LT will be constructed with no more than 2 segments.
Personal Drop with adequate coverage or crew scheduling consent.
Bad Day Worse Day Trades for lineholders and reserve pilots.
Short Call Reserve - 2 hour callout.
Long Call Reserve - 12 hour callout.
Aggressive Pick Up Window for reserve pilots.
Floating Reserve Lines - 2 extra days off.
The largest block of days off for reserve pilots are immovable.

Compensation:Paid the greater of:
• Scheduled block time
• Actual block time flown by segment
• Min daily guarantee of 2:00
• 3:00 for calender day layover

100% cancelation pay
100% deadhead pay

New Hires:• Double Occupancy Hotel
• Uniforms are Payroll Deduct
• Jepps Supplied
• Per Diem during training $1500 (+/-)
• Once PC is complete, you begin receiving MMG (minimum monthly guarantee)
• Positive space travel provided to and from training and Home of record

Other pay Credits
• Drug Alcohol testing (30 minutes pay)
• CBT / Home study (1 hour pay for 2 hour study)
• Profit Sharing
• On-time bonuses from CAL
• Customs at hubs (10 minutes pay)
• Repositioning (12 minutes for domestic airport except EWR, 24 minutes for EWR, 30 minutes for arrival from international destination)
• 150% pay for voluntarily training on day off
• 150% pay for trips picked up when reserve coverage is less than 10%

Vacation Accrual Rate
• Year 1: 7 days (7/12 days per month)
• Year 2-6: 14 days (14/12 days per month)
• Year 7-10: 21 days (21/12 days per month)
• Year 11+: 28 days (28/12 days per month)
Pay is 3.75 hours per day.
Paid the greater of monthly guarantee or line value. May pick up trips during vacation days or days off as add pay.
Instructors receive two additional personal days and holidays off with pay.

Sick Time Accrual Rate
4 hours per month starting from the month of groundschool

Perfect Attendance Program
Two separate six month periods

Elegibility for FMLA
Yes - entitlement codified into contract

Emergency Leave
Up to 3 days with no reduction of monthly guarantee

Bereavement Leave
Four consecutive days with no reduction of monthly guarantee

Education Leave
A pilot may be granted an educational leave for a period not to exceed 1 year. At the end of the leave, he may apply for
additional educational leave.

Personal Leave
A personal leave of absence may be requested by a pilot

Adoption Assistance Program
Reimbursement for eligible adoption expenses

Scholarship Program
Assist employees, their children, or spouses who plan to continue education in college or vocational school programs. Scholarships are offered each year for study at an accredited institution of the student’s choice. Up to 15 awards for $1,500 dollars will be granted each year.

W.I.N.G.S. Program
When In Need Get Support – An employee-funded program for co-workers overcome by personal tragedies, natural disasters, or other situations creating a dire financial need.

$150/year uniform allowance

Various health plans – (starts 1st day of 3rd month of employment)
Available plans depend on location and level of coverage ($15-240/mo depending on # covered and deductible)

Employee Assistance Plan (free)
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to help you and your family deal with personal difficulties. The EAP is a professional, confidential counseling service. The EAP will determine whether they will manage your care directly or if you will be referred to a provider in your area. Your consultations will be kept confidential.

Dental (starts 1st day of 3rd month of employment) $18-98/mo depending on HMO/PPO and # covered
Vision $9.78-24.31/mo depending on # covered
Flexible Spending Accounts - Health Care and Dependant Care


Life Insurance Paid by the company up to 1x your base annual pay
Supplemental Life Insurance
Spouse Life Insurance
Child Life Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance
Business Accident Insurance - $200,000 paid by the company

401k Matching
1-5 yrs service 100% up to 4%
5-9 yrs service 100% up to 5%
10+ yrs service 100% up to 6%

Defined Contribution Plan
<5 years 2.5%
5-10 years 4%
10-15 years 5%
15-20 years 5.5%
>20 years 6%

Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Active employees can purchase XJT stock through payroll deductions at a 15% discount

Other Stuff:
Junior Manning is at 150% of the greater of:
- 3.75 Hours per duty period
-Trip pay as calculated

RED FLAGGED Open time can be picked up by lineholders at JM pay (150%).

Bidding can be done via online system. Bid via default (line number order), or assign values to re-order the lines for yourself. You can pick how you want them ordered based on line value, types of trips (1day / 2day), days off, etc. etc.

Automated trip trades, trip advertisements, and picking up of dropped trips of other crew members and open time via crew web site. Some websites will be changing as we become more independent and use less of CAL’s infrastructure.
Made some changes/additions. They are in red.

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This needs to be a sticky!
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How will perspective mergers affect pay and QOL issues?

If Delta is planning to merge, any thoughts/speculations on who it might be with?

Comments/questions welcome.
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