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Old 10-10-2019, 07:30 AM   #1  
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Default SIM Time AATD vs FTD

Im looking for some answers regarding the use of FTD and AATD towards total time. I've graduated from a Part 141 training school, and accumulated ~50 hours of FTD time while in training. I've heard plenty of different answers on what is accepted and how much is accepted. I'm just looking for some guidance so I can calculate exactly how much hours I need to reach the R-ATP mins.

I've got a CTP/ATP 2/27, 3/10 Ground class, just want to make sure I can know when to stop worrying about how many hours I need to get until then. Looking to move that up as soon as possible once I know when I can call my recruiter and let him know I'm ready.

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I feel like this kind of question has already been said more than enough.

Get a minimum of 1475 or 975 IN AIRPLANES or (however your r-atp needs). FTD and AATD no not count towards getting the ATP unless it's a level C or higher. Regardless of the sim time Get the LOA and bring it to class.

Remove any and all of that sim time from your category/class and total time sections form your logbook.
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New to the forum, sorry if I haven't seen the other posts about it. The trianing was done as part of our 141 approved training course in a Level 6 FTD which to my understanding is accepted. I've got the LOA and have it separated in the logbooks as you said.
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really up to you if you wanna risk it, they wont look at your logbook until after ATP written. I'd just get 1475 hours flown and not worry..
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Old 10-11-2019, 10:37 PM   #5  
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It's late so I'm going to summarize from my experience. Mind you, its been a while, so grain of salt and all that.

1. Only hours towards a part 141/142 training syllabus in an approved sim count. Hours outside that, like if you flew a couple hours just to practice navigation by VOR but it wasn't part of an approved lesson, that wouldn't count.

2. You'll need the...I forget what it's called, the certificate that shows its an approved sim. Generally posted somewhere near the sim. If its had multiple certificates during your training period, you should obtain copies of all of them. Probably just one though, I think.

3. A maximum of 100 hours of part 141/142 sim time can be applied.

If you have further questions, or want to be certain, ask your recruiter to put you in touch with Verdeen (or however you spell his name). Guy is the man with all the answers to everything SkyWest, and is also the one who handles verification of hours. He's the one I talked to. He'll likely have you send him copies of the required documents in advance to make sure that they're what he needs.

Good luck!
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