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Any word on Trans States Airlines?

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Question Any word on Trans States Airlines?

Does anyone know if TSA will start hiring again or start class dates? I got a job with them back in Sept. but havent recieved a training date. I guess this whole Go-Jets thing is taking its toll. Anyone working there or heard anything?
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Tell me all about your Trans States interview/hiring process! I spoke with a crew there last month, and although the pay is terribly low (like that's unusual) they spoke highly of the mx within the company. That's encouraging. Are you not able to contact them to check up on your training date?
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Default Interview gouge

I submitted my app on on Friday and recieved an email the following Monday. I interviewed at the end of Sept. and recieved a letter a few days later with the good news. The letter said "we will contact you when we have a training date" in bold. So, I have just been playing the waiting game. Supposely a class will be held in Dec. but havent seen any recent hiring for that. I posted my interview on for TSA. I think mine was the last one on there. Everyone there was really nice and the interview is like 15min with no sim. There is a 50 question ATP test before you interview. Good Luck
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Trans States willl hire again, it is only a matter of time. In the meantime they are trying to hire as many SCABS as they can get to fly for Go Jet. Do not be duped into flying for Go Jet after being, "hired" by Trans States. They have withdrawn offers to Trans States new hires and offered a position at Go Jet instead. I recommend to everyone, do not go to Go Jet. Please see for more information.

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The december class has been canceled.
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Default Just Don't

Go to trans states. They are the worst of the worst. I don't even think
that Mesa is as bad as TSA.
Your christmas bonus will be a note from the flight manager telling you
that if you call in sick you are fired.
Here are some reasons not to go to TSA:
Christmas bonus does not exist.
CHautauqua even has a bonus system.
1 week a year vacation.
If you get the j-41 training sucks and reserve for at least a year, at least.
10 days off max first year maybe 2nd 3rd...
No overtime available
Not able to commute because of poor schedulers
Underpaid schedulers that could not give a crap if your mother is dying.
Wife pregnant good luck getting time off to see your new baby.
The Union is corrupt. The MEC extended the contract for his own benefit.
Do i have to mention the OTHER airline???
Maintenence is crap and it is always pilot error! (Think hard about this)
Owner would rather sell you to India then have to treat you properly.
Training dept is good old boy network.
Richmond VA base is very very difficult to get to.
Upgrade is 4 years plus.

The only good thing about TSA is that you can't do any worse.
If you get hired at Mr. Joes flying a C-172 u r better off.
I am happy flying a piston airplane again vs working at TSA>

Just do yourself a favor and don't go.....

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Default Man

A bitter old SOB, huh...I agree with you on most points, except the MEC part. But hey, whatever...Anyway, I got out 5 months ago and have never looked back...Especially with the flite mgrs in place....Sad state of affairs....
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I thought i was taking it easy on them...
Well they are the dirtbags of all dirtbag airlines.

My .02
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Default TSA does suck

As far as I'm concerned Crash went way too easy on TSA. He's 100% accurate in his earlier post. The only thing he left out is TSA has an awesome group of pilots. At least in the mid 90's. The coolest guys I've worked with.

I worked for those dirtbags for 4+ years in the 90's. Unless things have changed 180 degrees it is a dangerous place to work. Back then upgrade was 1-2 years so it was worth the constant risk of busting a check ride from some fat ass who never flew the line or getting fired for not accepting a trip that would put you over 30 in 7. All this and MUCH more happened during the time I was there. Somehow I made it out unscathed but I saw guys get fired for events like the above mentioned, and I can't even count how many guys failed checkrides for complete B.S. They used to brag that the initial upgrade failure rate was 50-80%. I will stop here, I'm having flashbacks.....

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Default Well....

Yeah... I kinda see your points....Like I said, I agree with everything you said...I miss that pilot group more than I really thought I would.....Although flying the 717 is a helluva lot cooler...Anyway, it was the suckiest place I have seen yet...Like I posted, the flite mngrs made life hell...Short, bald and ET- like is no way to become one there....
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