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HSLD 03-29-2008 11:29 AM

How to post photos in this forum
Sharing photos in this forum is really easy although you need to understand the process.

The most important point is that we don't host images on the forum. In other words we don't allow photos to be uploaded to our database. This always elicits the question why, so here is the quick answer:
  • The photos belong to you, so you should have control over how, when, and if they are used. This forum isn't set up to help you manage control of your photos.
  • Secondarily, when we host photos in our database they can be "hotlinked" to other web site which uses both server CPU cycles and bandwidth that slows down the rest of the forum.
What we recommend is that you use a dedicated image hosting service like Flickr, Google Albums, Photobucket, or others. Do a quick search and you'll find one that's right for you.

Once you've uploaded your images to a photo host, you'll notice that most hosts provide an image link (the photo's unique URL location). This URL is what you'll use for posts in the APC forum.

Simply start a new thread/post and click the insert image button in the text editor, now paste in the image URL and click the submit new post button and you're done!

For even more control over how your images are used, you can watermark your web copies (don't do this to the original just in case National Geographic ends up wanting to buy the rights).

There are many ways to place a watermark on your image, I did a quick search for "Online Watermark Maker" and found this link:

Online Add Custom Watermark to Images / Pictures- PicMarkr

OK, so get out and take some pictures!

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