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Originally Posted by niteFly84 View Post
.. or pony up about two Guiness's worth and then click connect..
Haha. Well, I can make those Guiness's add up pretty quick, my wallet can attest to that on certain nights, so I have to save money on other things

Reminds me of something funny a friend said. "Income should be spent on beer and flying, anything else is a waste."

I enjoy working on computers and am more than glad to share advice.
I do recognize that this solution is not for everyone though, which is why I said:
Originally Posted by nciflyer
I setup a home VPN with a custom gateway with linux on it, but you can get Windows to do the same. If the following seems like gibberish then I'd just pay for Witopia and GoToMyPC. It'll be less of a headache for a minor cost.
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