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Default Do you have to upgrade when it is your time?

I understand that the airlines are a seniority number type of job. So when it is your numbers turn to upgrade do you have to or can you stay a FO until you want to upgrade. Essentially making you a senior FO that would be senior to the most junior CA if that makes sense.

I could see someone passing on an upgrade if it meant the would have to move, go to equipment they didn't want, not be able to hold a line etc.. My first thoughts would be a senior FO that gets the schedule he/she wants every month not wanting to upgrade till they would be able to hold a decent schedule as a captain. Plus looking at the pay scales it seems if you were on a senior A/C as a high number FO you make near what a junior A/C captain makes. Just wondering if this happens. Or when your number comes up you move or loose the number.
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