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Originally Posted by captbd View Post
Hi All,

I got the interview and the call to work for Dynamic recently, and I had to sweat for a a week or so to get the interim clearance.

I was wondering if anyone can answer any practical questions on accomadations when deployed in the different areas. No, I'm not talking about a big tub to take bubble baths in lol. I kinda know what to expect on that.

What I'm wondering about is civilian communications such as Skype, internet, etc. Will I be able to Skype with my kids? Will I be able or have time to take an internet class? What's the access to internet like?

I'd appreciate any comments you can or are allowed to give.

can i ask what your quals are? I got turned down after the phone interview I have no Tprop PIC but 2200 Jet pic and 600 hours SIC in a turbo prop 230 in the dash.
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