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Hi everyone, my name is Adrian and I helped put the app together.
I am going to see if I can get some more details on the issues you are experiencing and see if I can help
Originally Posted by CaptainCarl View Post
I'm having some issues with the app... when I select a new page within a thread, it doesn't highlight the page number and I have to scroll down to make the posts from a previous page go away.
Is it doing this consistently?
The "Forums" button brings up a sub-screen within the app itself but doesn't give me any other option than "Forums," which does nothing.
It should take you to the forum listing (i.e. the main page!)
Originally Posted by CaptainCarl View Post
Also, pictures (.jpeg and .gif alike) won't load on their own. I have to select each individual post itself to see the pictures. Not a huge deal, but when trying to scroll through "This is Alaska," it would be nice to just see the pictures when I open the thread.
The images intentionally don't load to reduce load time (and bandwidth costs) over networks

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