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Originally Posted by Bubba View Post
If you take the ATC job.... buy an airplane!!!!
Adventure is out there!

One of the beauties of the ATC biz is that I was able to buy several airplanes over the decades, and had the money to actually fly them. I don't know of too many regional dudes flying around in a Baron.

But, ATC is never going to be nirvana. It is a guvment job, and the guvment is out of money. They are constantly trying to contract out ATC, so it can be just like other countries and to save money. Ask what happened to Flight Service when that was contracted out.... glad you did; they were pushed out of federal service, some literally DAYS from retirement in Oct 2006.

Also, sucking someone's posterior is a time honored method of "moving up" to the f-up/s-up crowd. There is no seniority for that.

Want to move to a different facility? Good luck. It does happen, of course, buy if you're at a critically staffed location, you'll never get out. Note: some places are perpetually short staffed. Your seniority won't help you to bid different facilities.
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