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Thanks for the replies everyone.

Originally Posted by jheath View Post

Edit: I just answered this when I noticed that we fly the same plane. Are we at the same company? If the level 12 ARTCC you were selected for is ZDC then this is officially the biggest coincidence ever.
I was selected for ZDC but I don't think we're at the same company. The DHC-8 I fly is anything but Q (quiet). I'm guessing you're either at Colgan or Horizon. Funny coincidence though. Maybe I'll see you in Leesburg in a few years. Speaking of, any idea on how long the line is these days? I heard each facility had a queue of people waiting for OKC class dates and that you could call and find out where you stand on that list once your backgrounds, medical, psychs, etc are done. The lady I interviewed with in ZDC had no idea what I was talking about.
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