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Originally Posted by HankHill View Post
It amazed me when I found out how many of our pilots sell back the max vacation buy back every year. I have gone negative every year since I arrived in '01. Have the guys actually seen how much taxes ares taken out from the govt. when that check comes in from selling it. I try to tell people time is money and you cannot make more time so enjoy your time off, unless your one of those loooooosers(me,me,me,me) who have no life except the cockpit and *****s around the world. And unfortunately this company is filled with many of them.

But I guess when they do sell back I get called less on reserve.
So what youre saying is that if someone sells back some of his vacation he is a loser and if you go negative in your vacation bank you're a real cool guy. Hank, I like your avatar but you're a real dumba$$. You do realize that if you take an Rday off for every vacation day you can get about 1 and a half hours of vacation buy back. And you still get plenty of time off. And, no. I dont have *****'s around the world and, yes I do have a life.

It's all about choices that you decide to make in this job.
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