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Originally Posted by beech_nut View Post
Thanks for all the answers.

How are the lines in ACY? Day trips or mostly 2, 3, or 4 days? How about FLL? Any guess on how long to hold a line there? Trying to decide what to do about base selections. I live near Columbus OH and there are only 2 leg options to FLL. To PHL there are multiple one leg options to PHL.

Any reasonable priced crash pads in FLL where I could get away without having a car?

I've not commuted before. During my stint at the regionals I lived within driving distance of base.

Finally, any chance of hold DTW? lol...I think I already know the answer to that.
When I was there we had alot of 3 days mixed with one or two day turns. That appears to still be the case but now some lines are just day turns. ACY is a horrible commute, a car is pretty much required since most crashpads are not that close. From what I've heard its worse now since we closed the one I was in. If you don't get a car the cabs are about $20 just for a 10 minute ride. That can add up quick. We have had alot of new hires come through lately and you probably won't even be able to hold FLL for a month or two because some of the guys still want to get down here. I'd say no matter what you will be on reserve for around 6 months, with the possibility of a relief line here and there. We just hit low season so we have fewer lines and some of the guys who were line holders for the last 6 or 7 months are now back to relief lines. DTW isn't out of the question. A guy hired back in spring got in but he will be the most junior guy for the next 10 years. Plus we have plenty of rumors about DTW shrinking/closing again and don't rule out the possibility of going to the west coast if we open a base out there.
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