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Originally Posted by NoyGonnaDoIt View Post
Who says so?

Id is part of the type certificate? Does a reg say so (like it's' being used to transport passengers IFR and subject to FAR 135.101 and 105)? Does the company OpSpec mandate the use of an autopilot. Is it an insurance company that insists on it? Is it a marketing choice by the company to make potential customers feel better. ,O, is it just that does Uncle Joe thinks it's a good idea?

Without knowing the source of the requirement, it's hard to answer your question.
I am not 100% sure what reg this it is based off, but you bring up a good point and I guess it would just depend on the situation. What i do know is that the plane is used by a night cargo outfit.

In retrospect, I guess the question should be, "How would potential future employers look at the time?"

Thanks to both of y'all for your replies.
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