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Originally Posted by skypine27 View Post
And how would you define "in base"? Gonna use our precious and perfect FDA 100nm rule?

So a guy lives in San Diego but is based in LAX. He gets on a train northbound at 530pm traveling 85mph while a guy who lives in Fayetteville and who's based in MEM gets on a train.....

Come on dudes, there isn't going to be an impossible to define "be in base" thing prior to showing for a pairing in this deal. And if there was, the COMPANY can, pay you for it and build it in to min days off. Any duty that we are paid for and/or on the clock for is better than actually sitting in the cockpit.

Use your brain on this one (I know it's likely been a while)
Well, it looks like at least you've got this all figured out. Just let the company in on it, they'll be glad to know.
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