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Originally Posted by jeff122670 View Post
being a military, and owning two airplanes and flying since highschool helps get to the 3000 hour mark....

thanks for the words on the CFI.....i would not want to ad myself to the pool and take away a job from someone that either needed to build time or needed the job...

thanks for all of your help 8 replies in under 30 min...gotta love that!!
I would say that if want to be a career pilot (and have the time and money), go ahead and get will be a good refresher on regs and theory. It is not critical, but is a good resume addition.

However if you do decide to enter the active instructor pool be conscientious about the job you do. Also, as a 3000 hour guy you would have instructing opportunities that low-time cfi's do not, due to credibility and/or insurance.
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