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Default Re: Climategate--The Final Chapter

Originally Posted by Winged Wheeler View Post
Just in time for the big meeting in Durban--a new slew of emails released. Join the fun:
It's not about the Emails. It's never been about the Emails.

Capitalism vs. the Climate by Naomi Klein

For the left, “Climate change is the perfect thing… It’s the reason why we should do everything [the left] wanted to do anyway.”

Here’s my inconvenient truth: they aren’t wrong...

The expansionist, extractive mindset, which has so long governed our relationship to nature, is what the climate crisis calls into question so fundamentally. The abundance of scientific research showing we have pushed nature beyond its limits does not just demand green products and market-based solutions; it demands a new civilizational paradigm, one grounded not in dominance over nature but in respect for natural cycles of renewal—and acutely sensitive to natural limits, including the limits of human intelligence.

So in a way, Chris Horner was right when he told his fellow [deniers] that climate change isn’t “the issue.” In fact, it isn’t an issue at all. Climate change is a message, one that is telling us that many of our culture’s most cherished ideas are no longer viable...

Capitalism vs. the Climate | The Nation
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