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Question Logbook help, Total time and PIC time

So, I've read many different definitions, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't short-changing myself on my resume.

1. Total Time. Coming from the Navy my logbook says First Pilot, Copilot, Aircraft Commander and Special Crew Time. Am I stuck with First pilot plus Copilot for my Total Time? I believe I am, but I wish I could include in that Total Time my Aircraft Commander time as I really didn't log anything while flying with my 2 junior pilots and I was out of the seat, but still logging AC time. (or in the seat but the percentage breakdown gave them more than they actually sat)

For instance, 1.0, 1.0, 10.0, 8.0.... I only logged 2 hrs towards my Total Time on this 10 hr flight, but did get the 10 hrs AC time (8 hrs put in the Special Crew category and wasted). That right? I have about 800 hrs I was airborne, signing for the jet, but not in the left or right seat. All wasted and can't be counted towards Total Time?

2. PIC time. Should I leave off the "at the controls" portion in my PIC total before the time I was a qualified Aircraft Commander? While I was a junior pilot and still not a qualified Aircraft Commander, I can't use all that First pilot time in my PIC time, correct? I can only use my Aircraft Commander time plus the times I did not actually sign for jet but was after the date I became a qualified Aircraft Commander for my PIC time, correct?
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