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Default ridiculous pessimism

Originally Posted by N2264J View Post
Notwithstanding you flag, that's exactly what I'm claiming. We are bumping up against the "crop yield" threshold, beyond which past experience becomes irrelevant. If you're
in your 20s, you will live to see food riots in this country.

The Irony of Climate | Worldwatch Institute

Washington Post, Lester Brown explain how extreme weather, climate change drive record food prices. | ThinkProgress
Crop yield threshold? Have you ever heard of Norman Borlaug?

Food riots and high food prices? What percentage of US grain is now diverted to green fuel boondoggles like ethanol? How does that affect the prices? How about the regulatory drought in Central California? Federal policies mandate the dumping of vast quantities of fresh water from the Sacramento river into the ocean, rather than using it for the fruit and vegetable farms in the central valley. How does that affect food prices?
I'll give you a hint, it doesn't make them go down.

Climate change, whatever that means, might affect food prices, but not as much as climate change policies.

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