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Well - quite a post. Anyway - AQP allow the training/checking function to be focused on the problem areas. Most of us don't need training and checking on flying a normal, all-engines ILS. We see that in the line constantly - thus, many AQP programs don't focus much on that. At my airline, the Safety department uses FOQA data (anonymous data from the FDR) to see where each fleet is having problems.

For example, the Safety department sees many unstable approaches at MCO, landing on 18R. So this year we spent some time with unstable approaches at, you guessed it, MCO.

Airline Y that also flies into MCO and flies the same approach might have different procedures (configured by a different altitude, different flap settings, different engines) so they don't have the problem at MCO. So they focus on say, RNAV approaches to EWR instead.

As I see it this way, everyone is meeting the standard of a "safe operation", but working on their individual problems rather than a boiler-plate approach.
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