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You hit on the key when you mentioned the 30/7 rule. As long as the weekly and monthly limits remain in effect (and as far as I know JB is not requesting a waiver for these) then the 8 hour waiver can only be used to build more efficient, more productive pairings, such as Long Beach-JFK-FLL for example, not just transcon turns. We can match pairings to aircraft routes better. That will result in more days off. What we are expecting, however, is not 4 or 5 legs as part of a 10 hour block day, but instead a less fatiguing 2 legs, 3 max. I can live with that.

It's not survival of the "best," but rather survival of fittest, and that means those that can adapt. You can't adapt without change. We, as pilots, need to help manage that change, not simply resist it, or we will be left out of the process and have no influence.