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Originally Posted by Jetter View Post
So the Recall info on Jetflyers is skewed.

The Forum here on recall got taken private - though it says it's now open - you can't see it without and account and logging in.

I'm told one of those being recalled is a moderator on Pro-Pilot (wherever that is)

If you want to read Don's stuff go here:

If you want to read what PeterH wrote go here: wife beating

Do it before this gets taken private too! Interesting how all this seems to be getting 'limited' in its scope of access. Do those who are facing recall and for 'transparency' have something to hide?

They seem to be 'career' politicians in the ALPA system. . . I'm just sayin'

Yeah - it is all a big conspiracy by APC moderators to make the recall fail

Don't get me started on "career politicians" in the ALPA system! Go check how many of them have been there for a long time!
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