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Originally Posted by TurboDog View Post
Just got a call from a friend of mine who left Shuttle America last year after working for them for 10 months. He received a letter requesting repayment of the training contract within the month for $11,453.00. His letter says if the training contract is not repaid by March 21st Chautauqua will be moving forward with enforcement action.

I also left Shuttle last year, but I have yet to receive anything yet.

Does anyone have any info on people who may have fought the company on this? There was all sorts of talk in the past about these contracts not being worth the paper they are written on, so I guess we are about to find out.

Please PM me if anyone has any insight.

I call BS...did your buddy pull the I don't have to give 2 weeks line? If so I think he may have ****ed someone off. Im S5 and I have had almost half my initial class from last April bail already and no one has been pimped on the contract guess is your friend may have ****ed someone off.
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