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Thumbs down FedEx Passover Pay

This thread is meant to educate those who received the mass email on company email a few weeks ago and stop the use of company email for association complaints.

To get this thread started here is the situation:

FedEx admittedly trained a pilot out of seniority who was awarded an MD-11 FO bid on bid 06-02 from last May. The pilot in question is a July 11, 2005 hire and just finished MD-11 FO training Jan 26, 2007. (He has been receiving passover pay since Sept '06 due to the company's error). After several phone calls and emails to ALPA, answers and phone calls are not being returned in a timely manner and pure disrespect shown to many in our group of Jr. pilots.

According to Mr. Taylor of Contract Enforcement, the company admitted their mistake and sat down and negotiated the following just days before the Jr. pilot was to be activated on the line:

If you have a previous intervening award (from a previous bid) and it is in the same seat and aircraft, you will train under the old bid (i.e. ANC MD-11) even though you have lateraled to a new bid (MEM MD-11). This new agreement will put in place the fact that some old bids will not be cancelled out by new bids. This will allow training out of seniority and it affects everyone let alone our group of Jr. pilots who triggered passover pay and had it negotiated away.

Look for my next entry which includes Mr. Taylor's legal explanation.
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