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Second Email and reply:

From: Contrtact Enforcement

The answer why pilot # 2 was allowed to retain his ANC position was a result of a negotiated resolution (exception), which allowed the same crew status to be retained, as in pilot 2. The resolution was part of a jointly signed letter (ALPA-Company), dated January 10, 2007 that clarified this subject matter. I have already addressed the CBA—Section 24.D.2.b.ii.(d).

Possibly, anticipating your next question as to why this resolution wasn’t posted on our Message Line, all I can advise you is that I cannot ever remember FPA/ALPA publishing settlement letters on our web-site.

Regarding any subterfuge, I think not! You really need to address these type of comments to your LEC rep, or the grievance Chairman.

David Taylor
FedEx MEC - Contract Enforcement
Representation Department Q
901-842-2211 (
901-202-3939 (fax)
[email protected] +

From: Second Officer
Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2007 1:27 PM
To: Fedex-Enforcement, FDXMEC
Cc: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; Fedex-LEC26
Subject: Re: Bid 05-03 and 06-02 Passover Issues

Mr. Taylor,

Thank you for your timely response. Unfortunately my pea brain cannot follow your explanation nor can I find reference in the old contract of the provided answers.

Please explain:
"An exception to the different intervening award provision, was that if the award contains the same crew status (seat and aircraft), then the award will not be canceled, as in the case of pilot 2."

I cannot find any explanation or wording in the contract of your above mentioned statement of exception. I guess I need it in simple terms.

Someone junior to me, who held the same bid, attended training and is being paid prior to me. Those are the facts. If the company made a mistake, how does Passover pay only apply to ANC pilots? If it triggers Passover pay for 2,000 pilots so be it. That obviously is not the case but I can tell you there are about 50+ really upset members of this Union looking over this issue. It will be a shame to see the Union settled prior to taking a look at each case and discussing options with all members involved. If you are telling us that the company admittingly made a mistake, we triggered the Passover pay situation under the contract, and ALPA negotiated or settled our rights away, then please disregard the legal camouflage and come out and admit it. If this is the case, I believe it is time to convene a meeting of the Pilots in this case and request a special meeting with the MEC leadership for clarification of the 02-02 grievance and why we were not included.
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