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Third and final email to ALPA Contract Enforcement:

Thanks again for your explanation. I received notice that one of the ACP's informed another member that it is a done deal. Very frustrating from a myopic standpoint.

My final question is if and when the resolution signed by ALPA on January 10, 2007 will be available ? It appears to have implications for future bids considering the size and length of the recent bids. A jr. guy could bid widebody ANC knowing that if he was awarded another bid after that, he would go to school sooner than other guys senior and serve very little if any time in ANC. (given he is in the same seat and aircraft, which allows the same crew status to be retained )

I am (out of town) and will attempt to contact someone more respectful within ALPA. Concerning your "subterfuge" comment, an uneducated red-neck like me had to go to Webster's.

"Subterfuge can be any deceptive stratagem or manoeuvre designed to take advantage of an opponent."

Not sure where that came from or what you mean, and it was my impression that You and I are on the same TEAM, not opponents as you state. But it appears to be a standard tactic given your intransigent attitude and demeaning comments to a member who in some small manner supports your occupation. If I may provide some feedback, your tone and demeanor on the phone made me feel beneath you, that I was bothering you, and to leave you alone.

Good Day Sir and Thank you again.
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