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Originally Posted by capt_zman View Post
I think we all need to formulate a plan and call Mr. Iverson and Mr. Taylor. There seems to be some bogus info being passed around that needs to be clarified, instead of swept away.

I am somewhat out of the loop on this since it doesn't affect me. What I gather is many of you feel you rate passover pay and haven't been or won't get it.

If you have a beef here is how it works........"You" must file a grievence.
Everyone who is affected can file a grievance, but you must take the bull by the horns. The Greivince committee can look at all the filed grievances and choose to "pursue or Not pursue". If they choose not to, then all you folks need to get together and go to you local LEC meetings and make a motion to to go through with this grievance. If you get enough support (i.e. the motion passes) The LEC MUST take it to the next MEC meeting and they must make the same motion. It might make it through, it might not, but will get debated and heard at the MEC level. If you folks Complain properly (via resolution).........not just ***** on these chat forums, you will have much better luck...........

Remember ALPA is YOU...if YOU don't take the Bull by the Horns, don't expect others to do it for you.
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