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I'm the CRM program manager for one of the 142 providers and can give you some additional insight. The biggest issue I see is lack of cross-checking and monitoring when dealing with co-captains. In an airline environment with thousands of pilots, the dynamics are different. If you dislike someone, chances are you'll never have to see them again via creative bidding. You can call "airspeed" all day long and draw attention to standards deviations without a "perception" of being "that guy." In a corporate environment you may have to sit next to the same individual for 20 plus years.

In many situations, co-captains are failing to annunciate indentified errors out of "professional courtesy".I wrote an editorial on this topic in the October 2009 issue of Professional Pilot Magazine. I can send you a PDF of it if you PM me with your email address. In other cases "co-captains" are very active in using inquiry, advocacy, and assertion because there's no stratified cockpit - the perception that one pilot is superior in rank and/or authority.

Even with "co-captains" some companies require a simulator event with 3 right seat landings. That's more a muscle memory issue than constantly flying from the left seat.

You should be able to address the psychology and CRM implications of this issue in 400 words without any trouble. A standard double-spaced page is 250. Most magazine articles are between 1500-2500 words.
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