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Originally Posted by NERD View Post
I will nominate myself as the first for starting this. A very close 2nd goes to the compass capt. (we will call him Bob) who gave his cheesy welcome aboard PA from the cabin(I know they want them to do that, but most don't) Besides mentioning the current weather in Msp, he let everyone know what the temps were 3 days ago. It gets better though. He mentioned that he was going to "allow" FO Joe to fly this leg and what an outstanding co-pilot he is and how someday when he earns enough time, he to will be a compass capt. So, to you Bob I award you the tool of the day award. Who's next?
It is actually *required per the cpz manual. Anyway it isn't as common as it used to be before the sale to TSH. Every airline has tools, mainline brands included. I'm sure you had the balls to tell him that you thought his PA was cheesy.
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