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Originally Posted by Bill Lumberg View Post
People think it's great that UA, CAL, and AA have more 50 seaters than 70 or 76 seaters. If the 50 seaters can't make money with high oil prices, then why do you want those types ONLY? Can you throw a 737-500 on the IAH to Laredo market? There are some routes that will have an RJ on it. On those routes, I want planes on there that can make money. When the company makes money, then everyone gets more profit sharing, and big airplanes can get ordered. If you put 50 seaters between IAH and DCA Regan, then that might be bad. But IAH to Texarkana or Cedar Rapids? I would say that needs to be an RJ, unfortunately.
If your goal is more profits so you can get profit sharing and widebodies then why put hull limits? The large RJs are profitable. Do you support raising the limit on large RJs just to make more profits?
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