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Originally Posted by greedyairlineexec View Post
i'll explain why is not a bad idea , but a way to get some much needed good and free PR and damage control:

JB does not overbook, so the $1,000 overbooking penalty is like offering $20,000 to each passenger who is flying from JFK to FLL if you land in DEN.

also, the vouchers are given only for uncontrollable delays, so ATC and Weather are excluded( that's aout 98% of delays). Furthermore, the vouchers need to be redeemed within 12 months on regular priced tickets, not special sale ones.

every airline does the same when it comes to cancellations and delays that are their fault . JB has put them in writting on plain view

the only thing different from other airlines policies ( besides the overbooking deal) is the $25 voucher if it takes 30-60 min to get to the gate upon arrival, and again those vouchers are a better deal for JB to make you book a +$300ticket and make you think you are saving money ( they are like mail in rebates, less than 10% ever get used).
right on...what a load of crap...useless vouchers that will hardly put any dent on the financial books...if they're serious, let's see a cash/check reimbursement...this is nothing more than used-car-salesman tatics!!
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