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"Upon date of signing, any pilot who is, or previously was, furloughed and whose accrued pay longevity is less than that of pilots hired on or before 5/6/08 shall receive additional pay longevity credit for time spent on furlough, but only to the extent that such credit does not provide a pay longevity date prior to 5/7/08. When an Integrated Seniority List is presented to the Company that satisfies the terms of Section 5 of the Transition and Process Agreement (“TPA”), pilots who are or previously were furloughed shall receive additional pay longevity credit for all time spent on furlough provided that they have additional time on furlough which was not credited for pay longevity purposes upon date of signing, and provided further that the application of such additional credit does not result in any s-United pilot having a pay longevity date that is earlier than the pay longevity date of the next most senior s-Continental pilot. For purposes of the application of the calculations required by the preceding sentence only, a hypothetical unadjusted pay longevity date for s-Continental pilots shall be used. The hypothetical unadjusted pay longevity date will be established by removing pay longevity reductions resulting from to time spent on leaves of absence."
Who comes up with this stuff
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