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"The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 10 characters."

At least ten characters....

1. Manny
2. Moe
3. Jack
4. Curly
5. Moe
6. Larry
7. JayH
8. JayP
9. El Heffe
10. Fred
11. Pete
12. The capt who assured me we were getting FULL retro,
13. The capt who assured me we were getting FULL retro AND equity,
15. The captains who were certain that the "rumored" TA leaks were bogus (funny how the were amazingly accurate),
14. The captains who wanted to wait till airborne to write up known deficiencies...what FOM?
15. The captains who popped the parking brake early to get the on time...what SOP?
16. The captains who wanted to leave hubs with with serious mechanical deficiencies MEL'd knowing that no one at the other end would want to fly the junk they carried,
17. The captains who didn't want to risk having to explain legitimate late departures to the CP,
18. Jeffrey Lebowski
19. Walter Sobchak
20. Donnie Kerabotsos
21. Brandt
22. Jackie Treehorn
23. Karl Hungus
24. Maude Lebowski
25. Knox Harrington
26. Jesus Quintana
27. Plankton
28. Peter Griffin
29. Quagmire
30. Anton Chigurh
31. Sir Lancelot
32. Arthur Pewty
33. The Knights who said 'Ni!'
34. Major Kong
35. Hollis P. Wood
36. Taggart

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