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Originally Posted by UnderOveur View Post

Given your last sentence and "not making them like that anymore", I cannot help but mention the name of Specialist Patrick Daniel "Pat" Tillman, who was every bit the man Gen. Stewart was. Famous, making big $$, and didn't use his position in life to avoid serving our beloved country and all of us.

That said, sadly you are at least partially correct...such men are very, very few and far between. But they ARE out there, and that's a comforting thought.
Point well taken (by myself, at any rate). The one thing I truly admire about both Mr Stewart, and Mr Tillman....both men (as was pointed out) left their chosen profession, and apparently, at the pinnacle of their respective career, entered the military service at the pay grade of E-1. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is public service.

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