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Originally Posted by Short Bus Drive View Post
People are reading too much into the red clip.
How about the "Ex-CON" stuff? How about the guys who are wearing the CONTINENTAL AIRLINES ties still?
Works both ways.
I wear my red clip, I have the old yellow Flight manual bag tag(because I wasn't given the new blue one), and an old United (tulip) bag tag because I wasn't given a new one...
And if I wasn't such a fashionista, I'd wear my blue overcoat, because s-CAL didn't pay for a black one (I am going to write off the one I bought on my taxes)...
Now for the pilots wearing old United wings with the CAL uniform.... that's a little over the top (IMO). I would wear my old United wing tie clip if it wasn't such a pain to remove/ put back on everytime I did my tie...

Good post. Just please keep in mind that the only pilots that have had their uniform paid for by the company are the sUA guys, every CAL pilot has had to pay for every piece (including the overcoat) since I've been here. Ridiculous to be sure, but it is what it is.
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