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Originally Posted by Short Bus Drive View Post
How about the guys who are wearing the CONTINENTAL AIRLINES ties still?
If you talking about the L-CAL "shiny ties", with subtle/now current UAL-Livery Globe embroidered on it......then yes.....those were former "Continental Airlines" ties. Until such time there's a Freddy-Gram dictating that we all are to wear the same/company paid for "suit", I guess we stick to what we have.

As far as the ID Tags go, at the end of the day, to each their own. Having recently spent time in IAH going through a "long course", there were plenty of "Red-Tags" abound. However, the one I couldn't help but noticing (felt bad for) was the guy who used a "red sharpie" to color his ID Clip. I honestly wondered when "Brother Bluto" would come rolling around the corner, next to the second floor coffee machine, and start issuing some kinda Delta-Chi handshake & Red ID Clip to this poor guy.
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