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Originally Posted by Short Bus Drive View Post
People are reading too much into the red clip.
As I mentioned... the red clip and the negative perceived attitudes at the school house are connected... but I don't think it is that big of a deal...

How about the "Ex-CON" stuff? How about the guys who are wearing the CONTINENTAL AIRLINES ties still?
Works both ways.
Wow... so how do YOU define yourself? By them?

I wear my red clip, I have the old yellow Flight manual bag tag(because I wasn't given the new blue one), and an old United (tulip) bag tag because I wasn't given a new one...
And if I wasn't such a fashionista, I'd wear my blue overcoat, because s-CAL didn't pay for a black one (I am going to write off the one I bought on my taxes)...
So why actively choose the red clip if there are plenty of other passive indicators ?

Now for the pilots wearing old United wings with the CAL uniform.... that's a little over the top (IMO). I would wear my old United wing tie clip if it wasn't such a pain to remove/ put back on everytime I did my tie...
Some pilots were only given one pair of CAL wings with that creatively lacking square globe logo.... and the embroidered wings are too "MIL/Flying Club" stupid to even consider... would you feel better if they just wore no wings on the shirt? IMO....
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