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Originally Posted by EWR73FO View Post
Welcome to the new USAIR. This greviance is just the tip of the iceberg that the UAL MEC has planned. The contract is finished, the sUAL pilots got the lions share of retro pay, and are now focused on grieving any and all parts of the contract that they did not get to manipulate through the normal negoiating processes. sUAL has now proven that they have no intention of proceeding with an amicable integration or representing any pilots other than sUAL pilots. This attempt to circumnavigate the agreed upon bid process is nothing more than the sUAL MEC holding the sCAL pilots at gunpoint to get what they desired but refused to do so in order to start their self-righteous pity-party as a means to an end.
Considering how your J dicked up the JCBA process, and how he has tried to manipulate the SLI process, I'd say what goes around, comes around.

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