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Default CRJ Systems Training?

I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on taking a systems training program. I'm thinking of this as not only a way to get into the game a bit earlier, but also an opportunity to better learn the systems of the aircraft and know the airplane better once I would get hired. I understand the lowered minimums are a contentious subject, and respect everyone's opinions on them. While I understand that getting into the business too early while I'm still inexperienced is a risk, there's also the risk of being behind the ball while everyone else is getting their f/o slot and I'm still flight instructing (not that that wouldn't be a valuable experience too, but not as aggressive a career move). Anyway, the more specific questions:

1. Is there anybody on here who's done the training? What're your thoughts?

2. Does it look bad just doing the systems training while not having done it as part of college? I'm doing flying separately from my college degree, so I have something to use as a backup. Is the training then looked at differently than if it were gotten while someone was getting an aviation degree?

3. Is it too restrictive to only get CRJ systems training? The regionals I'm most interested in have the CRJs in their fleets, so that's how I chose that aircraft.

4. Does anybody have anything else to say about getting the systems training?

5. Is there a particular place anyone would recommend for doing this training? I see that ATP and PanAm Academy both have programs (that seem to be vastly different), but I thought there might be some others out there.

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