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I say go for it! You will always regret it if you donít.

Some of your questions I donít have answers for, but Iíll answer the ones I can.

First you might try to post this on you will find this forum has a little more of an international flavor, if you will.

I wouldnít worry about your age, unless you expect to fly 747ís for BA. Thatís probably a little unrealistic . However this is a strange industry and it changes so fast.
Start networking, and spend some considerable time on this, it WILL get you a job.

Here is a freight company in Sweden. Their minimums for an FO is total time 500 hrs with 200 ME.

As far as the US goes Iím almost certain flight schools is the only place you will be able to work. Most other employers have a fairly large pool of pilots who want to fly for a living so no one is going to be willing to sponsor you for a temporary work visa (and yes you WILL need one to work). And donít forget most schools will tailor your training for your needs (as long as you have the $ ). With you PPL you can get your US commercial instrument in a twin.

So unless you get married to a US citizen I donít think you will find any time builders that will pay you (Besides instructing with a J-1), however there are some pay for training programs that you can look into. I do not know if it would require certain type of visa, but Iím sure they can enlighten you on that.
Here is one,

The single best advice I can give you is to network! Search the web, E-mail, call and nock on some door if you have to. If you are persistent it will pay off!

Iím sorry I canít give more info or better answers.

I wish you the best and hope you endure. Although this industry can be ugly, I love my profession and my job!
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