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As much as Ellen might spew rhetoric here from time to time, this time her article is right on.

Several airlines are cancelling flights due to pilot shortages. I recently was on a conference call with several other UND alumni and UND administrators. It's becoming evident that a pilot shortage is looming.

Recently three airlines went to UND and hired graduates. Several others have job postings posted on their website, and at least one has on campus interviews in the next month or two.

Even further, at least one airline is pursing an incentive for students (financial) to finish training at UND. This same airline has recently offered conditional employment to several students THAT HAVE NOT YET GRADUATED.

It's only going to continue unless work conditions and pay scales are adjusted. Young pilots are finally realizing that the airline world isn't everything that they thought it would be. Even those that are diving into the profession are realizing after a year or two that this might not be the career they want to stick with.

The only thing that I disagree with in the first post is that ATC is any better in terms of a career. Based on what I've heard from several controller friends (across the country), the FAA is in for an even bigger struggle than the airlines when it comes to staffing over the next few years.
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