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Originally Posted by LJ JE View Post
I just got phone screening from L-3 for SIC Lear operations based in VA. I have been applying/updating for about 4 years and I have no internal reference. It sounds like very exciting flying. I couldn't imagine getting bored there. Unfortunately I had to turn it down because of pay, the man quoted 37-39k average first year. I would have gladly went 4 years ago.
Originally Posted by LJ JE View Post
The pay scale was pretty weak from what I could gather. He said that a pilot will typically get about 2-2.5k raise per year. He said that a typical upgrade time he has been telling everyone is 2 years, dependent on demand, seniority, and performance. Captains get a 50% increase in base pay.

Keep applying if that sounds manageable, the flight operations sound very fun.
The pay has gone up slightly.
They were offering $35,000/yr back in '09-'10 timeframe in San Diego.
For what they are looking for (or were looking for) in tactical experience - the pay was incredibly low.
LJ JE - do you have any military aviation experience?
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