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We start out at $38.00/hr and usually give a 3% pay raises on your hire date each year. There is some stateside work, but it is sporadic and few....and it almost exclusively goes to guys that have been with the company a long time and have paid their dues overseas for a few years. So, the bulk of all new hires will go into the KingAir 300/350 and rotate on a 60 on 60 off schedule. As stated'll be paid $38/hour for an 8 hour work day...or about $300/day base pay. In addition to this you will receive another approximately $350 in hazardous duty pay and allowances. This means that a new hire will make about $650/day...or about $20,000 in a 31 day month while overseas. When doing training...any training in the states, they will pay you your hourly rate while traveling to and from training as well as 8 hours minimum for the training day itself. Anything over 8 in foreign lands doesn't count...anything in the states does. So, if you worked a 15 hour day in Afghanistan (you will probably never come even close to this but I'm just saying) you would only get paid for 8. If in the states you would get whatever you worked...with an 8 hour minimum. So, if you stayed in the sim for your recurrent 24'd be paid for 24 hours. There's a lot of rumors about the ISR players, but I can tell you that after working for Avenge (and deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan) for the last 6 1/2 years....these are a classy bunch of guys. As with any job that requires alot of time away from home, this job isn't for everyone, but the few that can hang....truly tough austere environments, it's a GREAT job!! I couldn't possibly say enough good things about Avenge and no..I'm not a corporate guy.
are you still on the OCONUS rotation? I'm starting with L3 August and would like to do it for the long haul. Any insight is appreciated.
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