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I think you have two very different demographics here. One one end you have the "grizzled guys that have been around the block" and on the other you have us younger, optimistic types. This is one of the things I like best about this site.

I like the fact that with a few exceptions I can ask a question and know I'll recieve a number of respectful responses regardless of agreement on the subject. Then there are the few here that relegate themselves to name-calling. I guess that's why there's an ignore feature. It seems like the moderators have more work now than they have in the past but they're doing a good job keeping things civil. I hope that continues.

For me, this site is all about educating myself. I don't have family in the industry, I don't have a ton of friends who have more experience than I do in this industry. I've worked line service for 6 years and have recieved great advice from 135 guys but that is a different world than 121. That is where this site comes into play.
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