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Originally Posted by Ultralight View Post
Below the $32,000 a year CFI gig, there was a king air captain position, air ambulance for $72,000 a year plus benefits. How about instructing year 1 for $32,000, Amflight year 2 for similar pay, weekends off, turbine PIC and CASS, take the King Air gig for a couple of years STARTING pay $72,000 with 7 days on, 7 off, then apply to the majors. Compare that to a typical first 5 years at a regional.
ATP flight school don't advertise this option on their web site though do they?

If you found the only air ambulance job willing to hire you with less than 4,000 hours I suggest you take it, but the fact that you're comparing an air ambulance job to entry-level turbine jobs like regional airlines and Ameriflight demonstrates a lack of understanding of how this industry works.

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