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Default More of a life/career question.

Looking for input for preferable some older airline folks that have a family and still on their first wives.

I've always been a commuter, ,but finally looking to move soon. Have 1 baby girl so far.

Would I be better off:

A) Living in base and driving to work? (High cost of living and 4-hour drive to visit extended family)


B) Living close to family so my wife has more help/friends/etc? (Lower cost of living, but I would have to drive 4 hours or fly 1 leg to base)

I'd hate to give up the dream of being home more than a few nights per week, but my wife would really like to be closer to family.

Comparison is Iowa (CID, DSM, or ALO) vs. Chicago area.

Tough call. Any suggestions/experiences?

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