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I have been in the airline business for a short 9 years. I have commuted the entire time. One reason was so that I never became comfortable at the regional I was working for. The commute motivated me to get the fark out ASAP. Now that I'm settled in what I hope is my last airline, I still commute. I do it for my wife, kids, parents, and BIL/SIL. I'll always be on the road. That comes with the job. By commuting my wife and kids will always be around family, & the moral support is invaluable. I want my kids to grow up around their cousins,(who are basically like brother and sisters)aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Also, since the merger it's been difficult to settle into a base due to closures, openings, and aircraft realignments.

That being said, you have to do what is right for you and your family. No one can tell you what that is. You're going to get a variety of opinions, but in the end only you and your wife will know what's best for you both. Good luck in your decision.
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