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Originally Posted by Spoilers View Post
Frontier was always one of the companies I wanted to work for. I spent more time in their jumpseats than any other airline. Great pilot group, good bases and I truly believe(ed) in their service and product, but after the whole RAH acquisition, I wasn't so sure.

I will probably still apply and hope everything will work out for Frontier!
Back in the mid to late 2000s I was flying on Frontier quite a few times.
I remember wondering what I was going to do when I retired and all of my peers were getting on with the airlines. I remember riding on Frontier and thinking - I really like what I'm seeing from this airline. The planes (the cabin of course - never saw the cockpits), the FA's (and once how she handled an unruly passenger who wasn't listening to instructions!), the CSAs, the on-time performance, etc....and I thought - this would be a great airline to be with.

Then I retired. Then I started to learn more about the airline industry. I learned that many of my perceptions of the lifestyle and day-to-day workings were somewhat colored by fairly senior people in the airlines or at least at the majors. Then they were bought by Republic, and I thought to myself - I don' think I would want to work there now.

I don't know really. I'm not knowledgable enough to make a call on what life is like at Frontier - but I remember wishing them the best of luck as they seemed to go through some tough times. I look forward to flying on them if given a chance and I hope that they are still the same airline that I thought I'd want to be a part of. Class act Frontier - at least from my seat.
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